Random Thoughts

I bought this ’46 in April of 2010 from FLA. It was in bad shape and in need of restoration, it had not seen the road in over 50 years. I had my work cut out for me. It would take a little over a year to do . I started by disassembling the front forks and wheels. Some one had painted all the hardware. I used paint stripper and acetone to remove the paint and found nice oem finish under it.I rebuilt the wheels and hubs, put on new tires, relined the brake shoes then assembled the front end.Then I removed gas and oil tanks to find that the dash had been painted along with the oem wiring. This would take lots of time to strip and save.I only had to replace the oil light wire.Then on to the box. It had two wooden floors and broken hinges, it needed some welding.I removed both fenders and tail lights for easy cleaning.Then rebuilt rear wheels,hubs and brakes.I then inspected rear end put on new shocks . On to the motor and tran. The motor was rebuilt but not restored to give it the unrestored look.I gave this bike a lot of time and little money to preserve that old unrestored look. After over a year the bike was ready for the road. I took it to its first AMCA meet in Jefferson PA in 2011. I have put on about 600 miles and enjoyed riding it a lot. Look at pic to see all the work done.

This is the first panhead that I ever bought back in 1994. I rode this bike for several years, and decided to restore it. It took 2 years, and by this time my wife had her motorcycle license. By the end of the restoration I thought she was ready for her own panhead. The bike has been done for several years now, and she has over 2,500 miles on it. Enjoy the pics.

CHECK OUT this fully restored 1954 FL… this bike has been rebuilt from the ground up!

This summer has been a scorcher… with record heat waves up and down the east coast.. A great time to get out and ride…

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